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SCHOOL OF THE SPIRIT is a distinct one-year school of contemplative practices. It is grounded in the basic spiritual practices of Jesus and the early church. The focus of this structure is not on the latest fad but on centuries-old practices that will renew our encounter with Christ, grounded in the vitality of a committed community to hold each participant’s journey. Through the living process of placing ourselves before God to be schooled by the Holy Spirit, we trust God’s grace to rewire our minds (Romans 12:1-2) and revive our spirits.
IF YOU HAVE A PASSIONATE and determined quest to be the change, to move more deeply and intentionally into your own process of inner-transformation; if others are hungry for deeper levels of transformation and are looking to you for guidance; if you desire to be a part of a community whose aim is to nurture transformation in Christ and you are willing to commit to five quarterly retreats over a one-year time frame, then participation in the School of the Spirit is for you!
BECAUSE WE KNOW real growth takes place slowly over time with others, you are invited to join us as we sit under the tutelage of the Spirit with others who also have hungry hearts for Christ’s character to radiate from their lives. Our intent is to create an environment of prayer, learning, and formation devoted to intentionally living our faith as a way of life as we journey toward becoming the spiritual leaders God created us to be––no matter our setting!
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