Who Should Apply?

School of the Spirit is designed for clergy and ministry professionals who are profoundly dedicated to Christian spiritual formation, with a desire to know and live the ‘with-God life.’

If you have a quest:

    • to move more deeply and intentionally into your own process of inner-transformation,
    • to be a part of a community of co-learners whose aim is to nurture that process,
    • to engage in quality materials and training intended to be passed on to others,
    • to commit to five quarterly retreats over a one-year time frame,
    • then participation in the School of the Spirit is for you!

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Because the program makes a significant financial investment in its participants, it is necessary for participants to discern if School of the Spirit is right for you at this time. Consider the following discernment questions before you apply:

  • Are you able to attend all sessions?
  • Do those you are responsible for (work, staff, members to whom you report) know of your interest in School of the Spirit? Is there anyone with whom you need to have a conversation before beginning? Any support staff/lay leadership you need to put in place should something arise? --- because it will! What, if anything, would you need from them to participate fully and freely?
  • Consider the same questions in regard to your family.
  • Are there any current priorities you need to consider re-arranging, or special circumstances you need to
    consider to be able to fully participate?


APPLICATION continued.

Take some time to prayerfully respond to the following questions: (all fields are required)

1. What draws you to participate in School of the Spirit (SOS) at this point in your life and ministry?

How do you hope to benefit?

2. Briefly describe your prayer life and the spiritual practices you engage in regularly.

3. How do these practices address your spiritual needs (body, mind, emotions and spirit)? How do they sustain and enliven you?

4. What is your experience with the ancient spiritual practices of a) spiritual direction (group and/or individual), b) centering prayer, c) lectio divina?

5. When was the last time you were part of a spiritual retreat in which you were not a leader?

6. In your life/ministry at this time, what feeds your soul? What drains or discourages you?

7. What are the biggest blocks you experience to living a life of peace, joy and freedom?

8. Fast forward to the end of your SOS one-year experience. Briefly describe how you hope your life/ministry will be different due to the soul strengthening wisdom received.

9. How did you hear about School of the Spirit?

Once your registration form has been submitted, please mail the non-refundable deposit of $50.00 (made payable to Davidson UMC, note “School of the Spirit”) to:

School of the Spirit
Ann Starrette, Program Director
P.O. Box 1288 Troutman, NC 28166

Your check is your receipt.

Questions? Contact program director, Ann Starrette, at Starrette@mindspring.com or 704-488-5825.